My 2nd Round of Whole30 & Food Freedom

My 2nd Round of Whole30 & Food Freedom

By October of 2016, I had been working with a Purpose Coach for all of 2 months, and the first thing she wanted me to get in the right direction, was my health. I knew another round of Whole30 would help change my physical, mental, and emotional state, and I needed to do it because I felt everything else spiraling out of control. On top of that I was turning 30 in September, and mildly freaking out about it.  I needed to control something, and it should be this.  After hearing my visions of me being so physically and emotionally healthy that I can take my boys on excursions, and hiking, and do challenging things with them, all of my life coach’s efforts were behind me in this.  I want to show my boys this world, and all the fun in it, and I can’t do that at this size and feeling this way physically.

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Facing the Facts

In October, Melissa Hartwig, the co-creator of Whole30 was doing a book signing in Dallas.  I had the best conversation with her, she signed my book “Food Freedom Forever“, and even took a picture with me.  When I saw the way I looked, I was sad.  I could see how uncomfortable and unhappy I was.

Melissa Hartwig & Me

So I recruited my Mom. She is the best support system ever!  I told her I needed help getting through this round. That I needed to do this again, and needed to change these eating habits I had. Major Emotional Eating Changes.  So October 2016, we started a new round of Whole30.

Food Freedom Forever

Round 2 of Whole30

This time, I wasn’t nursing, I didn’t have any major interference besides work (holidays, birthdays, networking events I didn’t want to miss, etc), and I was mentally prepared to attack this round, and re-introduce correctly.  No headaches, no sinus cold feel, and just a little bit tired. I got re-energized quickly, and safe to say Tiger Blood was running strong, but it was hard to tell being in the business I was in. You event professionals reading this have already said, “Wait, what?? October? What are you smoking?” I know, I know, but it’s the last month of the year, I knew I wouldn’t have any other interference that included, you know, booze. Thanksgiving, booze. Christmas, booze. Friday, booze. So, I did it, in the single-busiest month of the year, and a record year for me at that. I think I had 70-something events in that time frame. Maybe more, honestly, I lost track because you tend to do that in that month. I stayed on track though, felt amazing, and lost 15 pounds! My brain was firing fully and completely, the Mom-fog had lifted, and I was no longer walking like the Tin Man for the first 20 minutes of each day.  Again, I tend to say pounds, because at the weight I’m at, it’s important. I need to get the weight off to feel better everywhere else.

Before 2nd Whole30
October 2016 Before Whole30
2nd Whole30 Results
2nd Whole30 Results
2nd Whole 30
After 60 days of clean eating












So, I reintroduced, and started a DietBet following PaleoBailey, who I love following. I basically did Whole30 for the next 2 months with the occasional alcoholic beverage thrown in there for good measure. From October 1 to January 1, I lost and kept off 30 pounds.

I’m really so proud of myself for that, and can’t believe how easy and enjoyable it was. For the last 6 months, I have plateaued from lack of continual effort. I’ve been living a mainly-Paleo life, which I love, but not giving it that real focus it needs. I can’t do that anymore, I want to lose 60 more pounds. I would be stoked with 50 more. That seems like a lot, and it always has to me too, but I’m down 30, and I did it quickly, with no mandatory exercise, and I felt so so great each time.

Whole30 Today

I’m going to do an August Whole30 for those of you who want to join. Comment below, and I want to help make yours a success by cheering you on. I was never a cheerleader in school, and I’m totally okay with that, but now, I got you girl! (or boy) I’m going to keep eating as Paleo as possible until then, and after our July vacation, I’m back to the grind.

If you are starting your first Whole30, the best tip I can give you is to make your meals larger. Leftovers are crucial to my success. Not only will you do less dish washing, because, Lord, the dishes, but you will spend less time cooking in the kitchen, and more time eating! Don’t get me wrong, you will be over cooking and cleaning dishes, and I know some people that go to paper plates during their Whole30, to which I say, you do you, boo. Just keep at it, though, because it is so worth it in the end. And, really, YOU are so worth it in the end. You deserve to know how food affects your mind, body, and spirit, and you will learn by doing this 30 day elimination work.  I will be posting all about the Whole30 through my next round to help as much as I can.  Until then, take steps when you can, try to eat as clean as possible, and start listening to your body.  I promise, you will start to feel different!

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