About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Heather!  I live in Dallas, Texas, with my husband & 2 gorgeous baby boys.  I am a born and raised Texas girl, except for the one year I went to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.  Seriously, I loved it, but transferred to Texas Tech, and loved that more!  My husband is from Brooklyn, New York, so this household dynamic is an interesting one, let me tell you!

I have a degree from Texas Tech in Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management, and have had a funny path out of that degree.  Loving cooking so much, I thought I wanted to have a catering business, or a planning business (since my Mom did that currently).  I was catering events for my Mom in High School and have been a Food Network fanatic since about 10 years old.  So I feel like its been in my veins for a long time!


I went from interning for a Wedding Planner, to having my own planning company, to working sales jobs to pay the bills, to being an Operations Manager for a Venue, to an amazing job of Producing Events of ALLL shapes and sizes and dollar amounts.  I mean, last year I worked on over 900 events.  Yikes!

And in the middle of all of that, I got married and had 2 kids!

It’s been a crazy and wild journey, and it’s led me here to discover what my true dreams are.  I think I’m on the upside of a quarter (or third?) life crisis.  My dreams were gone, I thought.  I didn’t know what they were at all!  So I have been doing lots of soul searching, and felt the first step was to leave my job, stay with my babies for awhile and see what came of it.  So far, I feel like the Universe is yelling “FOOOOD!!”.

I hear you!!

I’ve been on the right track of eating, with a see-saw of Whole30 and Paleo choices.  I love cooking, and cooking with my boys.  I have been sharing here and there on Instagram, and it seems that you all want more.  So I’m going to start this path to my dreams, and provide what you are asking for too!  This life work I have been doing shows the theme of food all throughout my life. Its been my sad moments, my happy moments, and my adventure moments too.  So I’m really excited to start this part of that theme, and see where it takes us!

Take a look around, I’m sure you’ll find something that tickles your fancy!

Love Ya, Mean It!