Essential Oils & How They Support Our Family Daily

Essential Oils & How They Support Our Family Daily

The Break Down

Finishing the renovation of our house was just the beginning of all of the cleaning and recovering we would still need to face.  Putting Ezekiel back in school was definitely the icing on the “let’s all deplete our immune systems completely” cake.  Yummy.

After 3 days of clearing the literal dust out of our house, having a cleaning lady come in, and then cleaning over the top of that, we were able to work on all of our physical and emotional ailments.  All 4 of us had sore scratchy throats and tummy aches from the less than always healthy food we are used to.  I had headaches and muscle soreness from poor sleep and the physical labor.  Damany was exhausted.  The boys were exhausted from being shuffled from place to place for the past 2 months.  They barely remembered what it felt like to sleep in their own bed.  We were majorly worn out, to say the least.

Our Intro To Oils

When all of this happens, we know what we can rely on time after time.  Young Living Essential Oils.  We have been an oily family for almost 5 years now.  HUUGE skeptics to begin with.  We were supporting a friend going through a hard time, by purchasing.  She proclaimed their amazingness, and my husband thought we should try them.  We now have become skilled in what our family needs to help support anything we may be going through, from a cold to presenting to a big client to a minor headache.

Now, we are not medical professionals, so we are not diagnosing and curing or healing anything.  This is all just personal discoveries from trial and error and reading a little on the properties provided in the oils.  I’ll focus on how we got out of this renovation and what we used for now, but know there are hundreds of oils out there that help with things I wouldn’t even know about.

My Most Favorite Product

Thieves Household Cleaner

One cap full of this Thieves Household Cleaner in an 8oz glass spray bottle of water is all I need for the squeakiest clean everything in my house.  Literally, the countertops, mirrors, windows, floors, toilets, EVERYTHING is cleaned with this.  It doesn’t leave marks and leaves behind the most amazing scent.  It’s a spicy cinnamon herbaceous smell that I have grown to love so much.  Smelling any other household products smells crazy artificial.  Thieves is a major bacteria destroyer.  So I’m totally cool with Isaac licking Cheerios off of the floor when I clean with this.  I used this to re-clean the whole house.  I knew that it was going to completely reset our house in the right direction to heal our bodies and remain clean.

The Easiest Relief


These three roll-ons are always popular in our house, but super necessary during this renovation.  They are a combo of oils and carrier oil that are ready to go!

Stress Away does exactly what it states.  I roll this on Ezekiel’s neck some days before school if he is nervous.  My husband uses it a lot on his wrists or neck when he has a big project he is working on.

Breathe Again, I use multiple times a day on Isaac when he is under the weather.  Having RSV at 6 weeks old for 6 weeks long, has really put a damper on his lung health “until he grows out of it.”  Whatever that means.  So he is the first to get a respiratory infection in this house.  I roll this on the bottom of his feet, where nerves are more receptive, down his spine, and on his chest to act like a natural vapor rub for him.  It totally opens up his breathing passages and helps him get some good rest.

Deep Relief, oh you beautiful little bottle.  This is perfect for aches and pains in the muscles and joints.  I roll it on my shoulders, back, neck, ankles and feet, or really anywhere that needs a little support in the aching department.

Rest & Relaxation

Sleepy OilsPeace & Calming

These 3 babies might be the most popular in all of the land of oils.

With Lavender, we diffuse in our diffusers, spray in a mist on our pillows or rub on the bottoms of feet.  This helps everyone unwind and get a fulfilling night sleep.  This was the oil that convinced my husband that oils did work with him.  I use this for a lot of different reasons too, but that’s another time friends.

Valor, I feel is like a holy grail oil.  It helps you completely unwind from the day.  You can put a drop on your wrists or bottoms of the feet.  My husband has rubbed a drop on his big toes (those nerve receptors!) and it has supported my sleep from eliminating his snoring! Haha

Peace & Calming won its way into our lives because it has created a soothing and relaxing jolt to our children’s lives and supports a full night rest for them.  Mid tantrum, they get a nice little rub on the feet with Peace & Calming.  I diffuse this when we are going through stressful times too.

Allergy, Sinus, and Cold Supporters

Allergy Oils


Thieves, also an oil in the Household Cleaner, is a great oil to help our sore throats.  My husband and I, using the vitality line, will put a drop in our tea with honey to help instantly soothe a burning or scratchy throat.

Peppermint is my absolute favorite oil ever.  1 drop of this swiped on my forehead wipes away a headache.  1 drop rubbed on my stomach totally helps support digestion and helps with any discomfort I might have there.  Diffused in our car helps Ezekiels car sickness to be eliminated and he asks for it every road trip.  Beautiful little oil.

R.C. we use again for Isaac.  It has a combination of oils that support Respiratory Health.  So this oil, combined with a drop of Thieves, Peppermint, and sometimes Lemon, will give you an insane sinus buster if its combined in a hot mug of water and breathed in.  I also combine it with a carrier oil and apply it to the chest of Isaac.

Okay, that’s enough

Like I said, I’m not an expert.  You can buy these through me if you want, just let me know and I can get you my member number and help, but you can buy them retail too.  The links provided will give you more details and prices to check out too.  We have used these for almost 5 years, and have noticed a dramatic difference in the physical and emotional well-being of our family.  So these oils are here to stay!

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