First Whole30 Game Time!

First Whole30 Game Time!

It’s about 24 hours before you start your first Whole30.  Does it feel like Christmas morning, or are you dreading it so hardcore?  I normally am super amped.  I wanted to give you some quick advice before you start your first round tomorrow morning.  If you haven’t done so already…

Meal Prep.

You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen, and it is not as bad as you may think.  This is where I failed the first round. With just 1 to 2 hours in the kitchen on a Sunday or the night before your first round, you are setting your mind and your week up for success.  I will roast a pan of mixed veggies and potatoes, sautee up some ground meat, boil some eggs and devil them, or just peel them, and make a dressing or two.  Those things right there are giving you quick snacks (deviled eggs), a full meal (the veggies and ground meat), and components to make even greater things (salads, wraps, loaded potatoes).  Literally while the veggies are roasting, you can do the other 3 items, and you are done in under an hour.  Don’t feel like you have to make every single meal ahead of time, unless you know that your week completely needs that.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts
one of my favorite veggies to meal prep- brussel sprouts

 The Morning of Your First Whole30

Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier.  That may be a challenge, if you are at all like me.  I used to hate mornings around here, and now its one of those times I most look forward to.  This is a moment I want you to document in a couple of ways though.  First, if you are doing this for weight purposes, as I do most of the time, then you may like to see the outcome in numbers and pictures.  So weigh and measure yourself (write it down!), and set the timer on your phone, prop it up, and take a picture of your full body.  The changes you may experience throughout your first round may not be noticeable as you are going along, but these will prove that you changed so much.  Its all about learning your bodies reactions to everything, so this will help you be more mindful.

2nd Whole30 Results

Food Time!

With this extra 30 minutes, you are also going to make sure you get a healthy full start to your day with breakfast.  Sip on your coffee (if you choose), and take out a pen and a journal, sticky note, back of a bill, and write 1 through 5 down it.  Then I want you to write WHY you are doing this Whole30.  Some of mine are:

  1. Be the healthiest version of me possible
  2. More active with my crazy boys
  3. Learn what foods might really be affecting my body negatively
  4. Look better
  5. Actually do something for myself

Then go hang this up on your mirror, or your closet, or in your car, so when you are on day 4 and hate your life, you can really remember why you are doing this.  Listen, you are a BAD ASS for taking on this task.  Life is crazy as it is, and you are dedicating these 30 days to yourself, and it’s not going to be easy.  But it is so worth it, and I’m stoked that you get to see that at the end of this.  Make sure you have your day ready to go if you need to pack a lunch.  Hydrate! And go!

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