Let’s Do This- My First Blog Post

Let’s Do This- My First Blog Post

Hey Love!

Thanks for stopping by my brand-spanking new blog, and reading this very first blog post!  I’m so excited to have this space, and I’m feeling extra Carrie Bradshaw right now. Minus the cigarette in bed, and plus the screaming children climbing on me as I type. Still, very Carrie Bradshaw though.

So who am I? I am Heather from Dallas, Texas! I am a Momma of 2 beautiful and sweet curly-headed squish-face boys.  I am the wife to The Event Nerd.  A former Event Producer/Planner of almost a decade.  I am the daughter to 2 talented florists, planners/designers, and hardest working business owners I’ve ever known.  A sister to a gorgeous fashionista clothing boutique owner.  I basically have an amazingly talented family that isn’t afraid to do what it takes to get it done!

I am a long list of other titles that I’m sure you will see along this journey, but most importantly, I am a person that wants happiness, to share love, and to raise my kids in a world that gets a little better each day.  I hope I can help with that a little bit, in fact, I think I can!

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Why Am I Doing This??

So, why am I here? There are a ton of reasons that I can’t wait to share with you. The main reason is because I LOVE food, love to cook, and I LOVE to share. I want to provide all of you, with some delicious, and normally, super nutritious recipes.  I have completed 2 Rounds of Whole30, and a couple of resets.  I like to stick to a Paleo lifestyle, with the occasional Rosé or 4.

I also REALLY love a good party.

I mean, I have been in the business most of my life, so I know a thing or two about a really good party. From kid’s birthday parties, to fundraiser galas for a 1000, I’ve been there, and seen most. Love a good dinner party, so expect to see that from time to time. I also have no capacity in my soul to take it easy when it comes to my nuggets birthdays.

Those two things, tied in with truly wanting to lift up and love on Mommas, and women in general, I felt like this space would be an amazing way to do that.  Women are Superheros, for real.  Life gets rough out there, in all the different stages of life.  I want to make things a little lighter, and a little brighter.

Speaking of “been in the business”, I just quit my job cold turkey. I wasn’t feeling a path in life, and wanted to be the creator of that. I wasn’t spending enough time with my babies, and I hated that. I’m learning how to love every second of this life. I’m taking over my life, and no longer want to sit and watch this life pass me by. I want my lifestyle and experience to help and inspire you, and more than likely, make you laugh a little too.  I want to Revel in all of it!

So I promise to post multiple times a week. I promise lots of pictures, and maybe some video tutorials. Some incomplete sentences. Some made-up words from time to time. Mostly, I promise to be authentic and full of love for you, babe!

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