The Newest Season of Life & Some Perspective

The Newest Season of Life & Some Perspective

New & Big Life Changes

It has been an exhausting month, to say the least. We have been traveling and taking advantage of every fun opportunity that comes our way. We have been battling electric issues that cause half of our house to be without an air conditioner, which is physically draining with the heat. It displaces our youngest, and he doesn’t sleep well, which means Momma doesn’t sleep well. In the midst of it all, my husband and I decided to sell our house. If you know us, you are saying “wow, maybe 5th times a charm??”

I know.

This isn’t the first time we have tried to sell the house.

Front of house

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the house, it’s just that it hasn’t been the right time. We tried to sell it on our own, and we aren’t good at being real estate agents we have found. Thankfully, it didn’t sell last year like we hoped. This year, our house’s worth increased 10% from last year. Crazy, right?!


Our major motivation to sell the house is to take advantage of the sellers market, and get completely debt free. We have been on the hilliest of roller coasters for the entirety of our 5 to 6 year relationship. To be debt free, to get rid of all of our “stuff”, and to live that simpler life, sounds like heaven to us. A little less responsibility, and a little more “revel”ing in our lives will equal more happiness for us. We want to see, and do, and take our boys. I want to feel less baggage and “weight” in this world.


We are up against the clock now, and need to get the house listed soon, so we don’t get into holiday territory, where the house will probably take longer to sell. So, all in 2 days, we secured a loan to do some major renovation, had about 6 different contractors out to the house to give us bids on the varying things we are going to update, and started putting a massive garage sale together.

We are steam rolling, and getting ahead of schedule, which I’m sure is necessary. Construction never goes as planned, right? I mean, I’ve never done a renovation, but I’ve only heard no one finishes when they promise.

New Utility Room

Those hits that just keep coming

We got a bit side tracked with a sudden and unfortunate loss in our family. So we packed up for one more adventure to Brooklyn. We are putting on our positive pants, drinking extra coffee, and hitting the ground running now though.

Damany's Front Steps

I’ve had a lot of frustrating moments in the last month. I’m tired, and get cranky. It’s hot, and I’m juggling the boys, the house, the normal housework, slowed down in writing, and in recipe developing, and not practicing any self-care or self-love. When that starts happening, I know it can get bad. I know it slips below my base line into the negative.

Perspective Shift

I had a moment of realization the other day though, that I wanted to share. We all get to this point of frustration, or feeling overwhelmed. Instead of showing these feelings, I need to show my gratefulness for this experience and use it to overcome. I am grateful that I have a house, with one working air-conditioner, to even sell. Thankful that my 2 boys are healthy enough to scream and run around and cause craziness. I am grateful for all of the physical things (clothes, books, movies, blankets, decorations) that I have had throughout the last 6 years to keep me warm, dry, and entertained, to have to put in a garage sale. I am so thankful we were approved for a loan to update a few things our home needed to sell for more money. Receiving that was a huge blessing and a relief.

Fearless Girl
He announced the Fearless Girl is his girlfriend. I love that he loves a strong girl!


I know a lot of these are not problems, just inconveniences, and instead of freaking out, or taking my issues out on everyone, I choose to be different. My husband might be reading this and rolling his eyes, but I’m truly being very intentional about these things. I’m never going to get it perfect. It is a practice. Every. Single. Day. So go out there and choose to see the good light. Use your problems to create progress in your life, loves. It’s so much nicer and lighter on that side.

This piece of art is hung in the brownstone my husband grew up in. It has been totally renovated. It was a great reminder to me. I can choose how to respond. I have choices.

Okay, I’m off to chat with the electrician about why 2 lights won’t turn off with the switch, my washer won’t work, but the dryer does, and why the a/c only works when its below 95 outside. TaTa!

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  • I admire you so much Heather . This is such a huge undertaking and you are rolling with it and with grace and style and for all the right reasons . Please take care of yourself you deserve it so much

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