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Hey you!! OMG that feels good to type.  I have been MIA for way too long!!  While that is a whole other blog post (or three), that is not what we are here to talk about today.  I have recently begun to work full time again, so time with my littles has depleted since the Summer…enter sad face here.  My boys love to be active, whether its outside to play, arts & crafts, or cooking in the kitchen, we are always doing something in the free time that we have.

kissing with mom
Ezekiel was thanking me for “letting” them do this and have so much fun today.

As a Mom to littles, there are days where I just don’t have any creative brain power to give to them, so when I found out a friend of mine created the answer for that, I had to get my hands on it!  Chelsey Dane Arnal, with Thoughtful Traditions, has come up with a game changer for Moms.  Chelsey is an awesome Mom-Boss to 2 little boys and a superstar Event Planner, so it’s only natural that her creative energy would transpire into something as fun as this.

baking together is funDSC_6739Okay, now what is it?  It’s a box subscription service, that focuses on making memories, traditions, and spreading love and happiness.  Each box includes different items, and for now, it is created around the holiday that is happening that month.  My boys are born in January and February, so Valentine’s Day is always one of our favorite holidays to fix those “after-Birthday-blues”.  We were so excited to get to play with this love-filled box.

Opening the Thoughtful Traditions box, my oldest immediately saw the sprinkles and cookie cutter and begged to make love cookies.  So, we whipped up a quick and easy sugar cookie together.  Then they had a blast stealing candy hearts and sprinkles to munch on.

DSC_6784littles bakingpunching heartscookie masterpiece

While the cookies were baking and cooling, they decided to use the paint palette, brushes, stickers, and other adorable decorations from the Valentine’s Day Card Kit to make me the sweetest little Valentine ever!  Being goofy while we made these, are times I hope these boys will remember for a long time.

joy in flour
Being ornery when he discovered that flour can fly all over with one clap of his hands!  Messes are not included in the box 😉

After decorating the cookies, the boys decided they were going to put those into the kraft bag provided in the box, to make a little Neighbor Gift Bag.  The crinkle paper and ribbons in the box made the cutest (and easiest) gift set ever!  My oldest LOVES giving gifts to people.  He is a very thoughtful child, so this really increased fed that need to be generous.  It showed my youngest how fun it can be to share our cookies, and what joy that brings others.

Stamp from the box All the crafts in the box Looking at everything in the box

This was a good one, and I can’t wait to experience the other boxes with my boys.  The Thanksgiving and Christmas boxes looked amazing, and we are definitely subscribing to get more.  The boys still keep going back to them to paint something or leave me a little love note on a heart sticky note that was inside the box too.  We are even going to use some of the items to decorate Ezekiel’s Valentine’s Day Box at school.  Yes, there is PLENTY inside to get creative multiple times.

If you subscribe to her 3 Month Subscription, make sure to use the Promo Code ‘3Month’ to save some cash!  I can’t wait to hear how much you love them.  My boys are so excited to get their second box in the mail.




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